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Jeremy for websiteAt Holy Trinity C of E Primary School we are passionate about doing the very best for our children, so that they can be the very best versions of themselves. Our aim is to make our school a welcoming environment for all of our children, irrespective of their starting points.

We believe that learning should be engaging, stimulating, challenging and enjoyable and that everyone is offered the chance to excel.

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09:14 PM - @holytrinitypri Retweeted Holy Trinity PE
Congratulations to our cheerleading and dance teams who won gold at the Somerset School Games Dance Competition yesterday! We are all so proud of your hard work and determination.
06:03 PM - @holytrinitypri Retweeted Holy Trinity PE
Congratulations to our gymnasts who competed in the Taunton area competition. Year 1/2 came 2nd and have qualified for the County finals! Year 3/4 came 3rd and Year 5/6 6th. Evie won the Year 3/4 individual competition to qualify for Counties too! https://t.co/r0ZkHbWV8j
05:08 PM - @holytrinitypri
Please find this week’s newsletter by following the link: https://t.co/kplg1WLlmg - have a lovely weekend!
04:47 PM - @holytrinitypri
Year 6 writing some very heartfelt letters of complaint! (Fictional of course!) Good stuff, Daisy. https://t.co/ACxyFc9fIS
07:20 PM - @holytrinitypri Retweeted Holy Trinity PE
Well done to our netballers who came 2nd in the Taunton area finals last night. Their and throughout mean that they have qualified for the County Finals as part of the next month! https://t.co/0dr935wo6E
04:49 PM - @holytrinitypri
Please find this week’s newsletter on the website here: https://t.co/ZWz2Oo5Qsy - have a great weekend!
01:58 PM - @holytrinitypri
Year 2 learning about the festival Diwali in RE. Great lamps! https://t.co/r3QJymKm1b
01:57 PM - @holytrinitypri Retweeted Holy Trinity PE
Great play from our netball team last night saw us win our group and progress on to the Taunton area finals! Well done https://t.co/54VIpNE3qP
09:40 PM - @holytrinitypri Retweeted Holy Trinity PE
We had a great day today the the County cyclo-cross Finals. Some close races, red faces, determination and plenty of team support was in abundance! to come 4th overall! Thanks to https://t.co/8UrMvZMAC7
02:47 PM - @holytrinitypri
Year 5 hosting an excellent Science Fair! https://t.co/rI6pTaFtF8
08:50 PM - @holytrinitypri Retweeted @creatorMark
Excited to be working with today as they begin their journey using the wonderful online platform to support and enhance teaching and learning https://t.co/iBpP9gpDZD
07:18 AM - @holytrinitypri
Please note that school and Nursery are closed today due to the adverse weather and site safety. We will open again on Monday 4th February.
07:17 AM - @holytrinitypri Retweeted Redstart Partnership
For information about our school closures updated by each school as soon as decisions are made https://t.co/4V6o1AGkQ4
02:13 PM - @holytrinitypri
11:07 AM - @holytrinitypri
The new library’s going in this week at Holy Trinity! Thank you to everyone on the TSA for raising the money to make this a reality. Watch this space for updates and details about the official opening... https://t.co/TRXEvr589e
07:21 PM - @holytrinitypri Retweeted Holy Trinity PE
So proud of the girls’ football team today. They won the overall tournament and go on to represent the Tone Area in the County finals!! 🎉 Thank you to for organising, for refereeing and for hosting https://t.co/57i0BKlJqb
08:30 AM - @holytrinitypri
Everyone’s been busy again! Come and take a look at the children’s Advent display! https://t.co/vrq1rvFtOf
08:48 AM - @holytrinitypri
A huge thank you to everyone who supported our Christmas Fair last night! It was another great success and a particular thanks to everyone on the TSA who worked for hours to get it ready.
03:05 PM - @holytrinitypri
Singing Club doing the school proud at Taunton’s Winterfest. https://t.co/4FJowPD6EM
02:54 PM - @holytrinitypri