Welcome to Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School

Morton steve deputy head of schoolAt Holy Trinity C of E Primary School we are passionate about doing the very best for our children, so that they can be the very best versions of themselves. Our aim is to make our school a welcoming environment for all of our children, irrespective of their starting points.

We believe that learning should be engaging, stimulating, challenging and enjoyable and that everyone is offered the chance to excel.

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10:51 AM - @holytrinitypri
Year 6 were fascinated by their heart dissection lesson yesterday. https://t.co/vdtfTRMwL4
02:04 PM - @holytrinitypri
Red Nose Day 2021 share a smile 😁 https://t.co/6HqjtcxAZc
12:08 PM - @holytrinitypri
So good to have everyone back at school! Lovely article in the Gazette this week: https://t.co/ogvrKsdqqb
06:20 PM - @holytrinitypri Retweeted Redstart Partnership
Welcome back to all our staff. We hope you've all had a good break. Thank you for going above and beyond to consider everyone's safety, we all appreciate it.
09:55 AM - @holytrinitypri
We can't wait to welcome everyone back on Monday! https://t.co/W6twqdqHGO
05:24 PM - @holytrinitypri Retweeted Claire Barker
When someone saves up their money so they can buy your book 😍😍😍#readingforpleasure https://t.co/paqwv3rIsZ
08:47 PM - @holytrinitypri
Read this month’s newsletter here: https://t.co/0SpYHiP5Ok - have a great half term! https://t.co/NJqzlwUyyA
08:44 PM - @holytrinitypri Retweeted Som School Games
Many thanks to and for the fab cheerleading workshop at Watch this space for a cheerleading course later in the year! https://t.co/6GrekxRokp
10:45 AM - @holytrinitypri
Fabulous local author, , who came to visit us last year, will be signing books in Waterstones, Taunton on Saturday. She’s love to see you - pass it on! https://t.co/EcexO9YBuQ
09:38 AM - @holytrinitypri
Our Nursery children having a wonderful start to the day, focusing on Nursery rhymes, new vocabulary and even prepositions! Wow! https://t.co/DE3x0vaQEW
06:36 AM - @holytrinitypri
Can’t wait to greet all of our new YR this morning for their first day in Reception! New shoes at the ready!
06:34 AM - @holytrinitypri Retweeted The Book People
Are your kids ? Through our brand new fundraising scheme Big Book Boost, we'll donate £1 to a school of your choice every time you place an order on our website over £10! We aim to donate 1 million books to UK by 2022. Find out more: https://t.co/MJEuYNB5xj https://t.co/uDc0P8JI82
07:00 AM - @holytrinitypri
We can’t wait to welcome everyone back to school today. Happy New Year! ✏️ 🍎 🌟
07:52 PM - @holytrinitypri
Singing Club smashing it at the McMillan Theatre in Bridgwater right now! https://t.co/Nup97WYpPi
10:30 PM - @holytrinitypri
Year 6 are on their way back from a fab trip to see ‘Matilda’. These revolting children are on track to be back at school at around 11.30pm. Please pass the message on.
10:11 AM - @holytrinitypri Retweeted Claire Barker
SUCH a lovely visit 😍 and a new library to boot! Bless those hardworking s. https://t.co/9boEYgCwQU
07:35 PM - @holytrinitypri
What a fantastic day! Thanks to for opening our beautiful new library and signing our 📚! https://t.co/TLrphV19ng
11:37 AM - @holytrinitypri
Finished our morning activities: climbing, paintballing, completing the obstacle course and practising their team chants! Now some smores.😛 https://t.co/eGicO7al7x
11:31 AM - @holytrinitypri
Happy campers up (very early!!), fed and ready for another day of fun!
04:01 PM - @holytrinitypri
Who’s going to be first to put their tent up!? https://t.co/Nsya6tdWet