Welcome to The Redstart Learning Partnership

SuzanneI have been the CEO of the Partnership since it came into being in March 2015. Previously I was Principal at The Redstart Primary School for 12 years. Following an outstanding OFSTED inspection in March 2014 the school was invited to sponsor 2 schools in Special Measures. My role then expanded and I became Executive Principal and I began working with both new schools along with members of my senior leadership team. 

From September 2017 the Trust welcomed a new Primary School to the MAT Holy Trinity Primary School in Taunton.  This brings our MAT to five schools. My current official role is CEO of the TRLP and Executive Principal, with a Head of School responsible for the day-to-day running of each school and leading on teaching and learning.

My vision is to provide a truly world class education for all of our children. The organisational structure of the Trust is key to ensuring that we achieve our educational aspirations. It is essential that these high aspirations are reflected and supported in our management of the Trust on a day-to-day basis. Every child who joins our schools is treated as an individual and we strive to provide an education which not only ensures good academic outcomes but also prepares our youngsters for later life. We are very proud that as well as excellent results at the end of Key Stage 2 our pupils leave us as well rounded individuals with good levels of self-confidence preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead.

It is our aim that all pupils are supported to achieve to their full potential in an environment which is nurturing and supportive. We know that pupils achieve best when they are happy and enjoying their work and the climate in which we work at the Trust does just that. We want all of our pupils to thrive and flourish during their time with us. If in later years our pupils look back upon their time with us and reflect that it made a difference to their lives we will have achieved our goal.

Suzanne Flack