SEN - Local Offer

Miss Emma Counter  -  Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo)

Mrs Vanessa Dower  -  Special Needs Manager

At Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School we are proud of the provision that we make for our children who need an extra level of support at school. Our Special Educational Needs team, together with our Wellbeing Team ensure that Holy Trinity is a fully inclusive place to learn.

You will find below our SEND policy, local offer, accessibility plan and information report.

Please click here to access the Somerset Choices website which gives you information and advice on care and support services and local groups in Somerset.   

You can use the website to search for all kinds of care and support services including equipment providers, home care, accommodation options, support for carers, local events and local groups

Downloads Date  
SEND Policy and Information Report 16th Apr 2019 Download
SEND Local Offer - DRAFT 16th Apr 2019 Download
Accessibility Plan - DRAFT 16th Apr 2019 Download