Mrs Saunders (RS)

Welcome to the Butterfly Class Page!

Our aim in the Early Years Foundation Stage is to provide a safe and welcoming environment which allows us to support the children in becoming independent learners - willing to have a go and to try their best.

We are fortunate that our physical environment allows both Reception Classes to work together as a team unit, as well as independently, and we actively encourage the children to use the whole space available to them. 

A “typical day” in The Butterfly Class is busy, fun, challenging, exciting and active!  We adopt a hands-on approach to learning, and encourage exploration, investigation and independence through purposeful resources, play-based activities, and adult-led sessions.  No two days are ever the same.  There is a song for every occasion, and if not - we make one up!  Being able to communicate effectively is a vital life skill, and we incorporate Somerset Total Communication signing with many activities as an additional way of communicating.  The “happy man” on our visual timetable shows us where we are with the events of the day, and helps us to become familiar with the routines of school.    

We have established class Golden Rules to help us be happy and safe at school.  We fully embrace the school motto of “Thinking for ourselves, Caring for others, Loving God”. 

Please visit our page regularly to keep up to date with the things that we have been doing in Reception and the events that we have planned.