Mrs Frost (RT)

Welcome to the Ladybird Class Page.

Our aim in the Early Years Foundation Stage is to provide a safe and welcoming environment which allows us to support your children in becoming an independent learner -  willing to have a go and to try their best.

Each day starts with a morning job which is available from when the doors open at 8:50 until we take the register. You can support this valuable learning time by encouraging your child to settle quickly to their task, allowing them to make a start independently as you leave them with us for the day.  As well as providing a familiar structure to the start of the day, the daily tasks are designed to practise key skills. Those 10 minutes before we register each day add up to nearly an hour a week.

This term we will be spending time building relationships with each other and becoming familiar with the routines of school as well as the rules that keep us all happy and safe. We have daily phonics and number input and every afternoon a group of children will work with me on a reading task.  We will have lots of chances to listen to stories, talk and listen which will support our learning of reading and writing. We have a visit from the Life Education Bus and a visit to Holy Trinity Church planned.

I am so looking forward to the learning opportunities of the next term as I hope, are you and your child. It is great to see them developing their independence as they come to understand what is expected of them. 

Please visit our page regularly to keep up to date with the things that we have been doing in reception and the events that we have planned.