Year 5 Gallery & Activities

Hestercombe 2016

We stayed overnight and camped in the woods!

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Year 5 Athletics

Our pupils had great fun taking part in some athletic activities.

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Trip to St Mary's Chuirch

On Tuesday 6th December Class 5S walked to St Mary's Church to learn about its history.

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Christmas fun!

We had lots of fun at our Chrismas party. We play Flap the Fish, Cross the River and Roll a 6 ( the chocolate game).

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Science Excitement

We were finding out what makes a good insulator. We planned our experiments and predicted the results.

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Science. Does it dissolve?

We are exploring soluble and insoluble materials in science.

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World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day in 5s. We read to year 2 and in the afternoon we had a book-nic. 


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