Reception Gallery & Activities

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Life Education Bus

As  part of Health Education week we had a visit from Helen and the Life Education bus. We met Harold the Giraffe and learnt about the things we need to do to stay healthy.

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Christmas Activities

We have enjoyed celebrating Christmas in the reception unit. The children have done lots of role play around the Christmas story in our classroom stable.

During the church service, some of the children took part in a Nativity scene. We were very proud of how brave they were standing up in front of the whole school!

We had a special visitor at our class party! Santa and his elf came to bring us an early gift.

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New Year, New Timetable, New Equipment

Wecome back to the Ladybird class. It is lovely to be back and hear all the things that the children have been doing in the break. We start the new year with a new timetable which sees a move to class assemblies, allowing us to tailor the content to our children. We will still join a whole school collective worship each week to ensure that the children have experience of this.

Rather than break up our day by going to the large playground for playtime, we have decided to stay within our own space until lunchtime. This gives the children much more time to develop their play (and therefore deepen their learning). We have already seen the benefits of this in complex and intricate train tracks and focused imaginative play. 

To further enhance our play, we are lucky enough to have received some of the equipment purchased using Sainsbury vouchers and as you can see from the photos the children were excited to unpack and experiment! They also loved the treasure chest that everything arrived in. 

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Kite Flying

Storm Doris came to Taunton and as the wind started to pick up in the outdoor area, the opportunity to fly kites seemed too good to miss. Mrs Keating showed the children how to make a kite using tissue paper and string. The children then decorated their kites and excitedly took them outside to play. From exploring media and materials to understanding the world as the children observed how the wind lifted the kite, waiting for the gusts and running to create their own uplift. Plans were reviewed, strings were lengthed or shortened, repairs and upgrades were made.  Of course their was also a fair amount of personal, social and emotional development - giving advice, helping each other with cutting, negotiating over tangled strings. It is all in a days play in the EYFS! 

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